jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011


To: Servicios Escolares
From: Aura Hernández
Date: 26th May, 2011
Subject: Unsanitary Restroom Conditions
This report is intended to consider the restroom conditions at the FES Acatlán. Most of the time they are not in the appropriate condition to be used or they are closed because of they are being cleaned; making them useless and insufficient.
• Maintenance problem
Almost all the equipment is obsolete, broken or it doesn’t work. The spaces look old and without attention.
• Cleaning conditions
Even when restrooms have a periodical cleaning cycle, they are often in a bad state; there is not toilet paper and no soap for washing hands. Also it takes to the personal sometimes even more than 2 hours to have the restrooms cleaned.
I understand that students help a lot to continue with all this problems, so I recommend two solutions:
- A publicity campaign promoting the well use of the restrooms.
- Talk with the school staff to make de maintenance and cleaning more efficient.


To start with it’s important to remember that euthanasia is the practice of ending a life when a patient has too much pain due to a chronic disease. We can find two different types of euthanasia; active, which means a using of lethal substances in order to terminate a life, and passive, when the patient refuses to continue with the treatment.

As any ethical matter we can find 2 different positions. Those who are against the euthanasia saying that everything happens for a reason and we must be strong, life is never easy. On the other side the ones who are for the euthanasia pleading that you are the owner of your life and it’s your decision; no one deserves to suffer.

Sometimes euthanasia is related to selfishness, from both sides, the patient who doesn’t think in their beloved ones; and the family, friends, etc. of the patient who doesn’t want to be without that person. This is because taking this decision can’t be taken alone; it involves the whole family because it will affect all of them as well. But most of the times patients suffer more when they are forced to live here and making the one who are around suffer too.

It’s also necessary to consider that every person is different, therefore everybody will react and proceed in different ways to diseases. The ones who are against euthanasia consider it as a easy way out; but accept that we have been defeated doesn’t mean you’re weak.

I do believe in euthanasia as a way to terminate a life. Having been in this situation I can say that I’m definitively for it. The most important part in this topic is to respect the others opinion and points of view.

If I were a blonde

If I were a blonde
Even just for a day,
I’d roll out of bed in the morning
And flirt with who I wanted
And go

Go shopping with girls
And chase after boys
I’d kick it with who I wanted
And I’d never be called a stupid bitch
Cause men love silly chicks

If I were a blonde
I think I could understand
How it feels to wear high-heels
I swear I’d be a fashion girl

I'd throw up the food
Cause I know how it hurts
When your dress doesn’t fit
'Cause blondes are always sexy
And never look so ordinary

If I were a blonde
I would buy a new phone
Tell everyone I feel empty
So they’d buy me a new dress everyday
I’d put myself first
And smile as I walk
'cause I know they would be watching
As I’m walking like a catwalk model, catwalk model

Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.

If you belong to that group of people who think teaching is just a matter of passing knowledge from one person to another, you should reconsider your position.

When you are already in front of tour students is when you realize that being a teacher will represent more than just their school master. At the end you will feel this attachment, some of them stronger than others.

And it’s when you find yourself wondering how you’re going to make them understand that learning, if they want it to be significant and helpful for the rest of their lives, will mean that they will need to be a active character in it.

I think this is the real goal in every teaching-learning process. If you just go giving them the answers the will never be able to understand and analyze something by themselves. Students will go through school expecting everything to be given without any effort. Being at the at end, and please forgive for using this word, but I couldn’t find any other to describe it better, a good-for-nothing kind of people.

That’s why we, as teachers, must encourage them to never stop learning, to always try to look beyond. After all, learning doesn’t mean that you know everything by heart; it means that you understand it and can apply your knowledge.

It was the strangest experience of my life

That day seemed to be as usual as any other day. I woke up at 6:00am, not because of the alarm, but my son was puling one of my sleeves “Dad… Dad I’m scared” Having heard a ghost story from a cousin, he had been dreaming about a one-eyed old lady who appeared at daybreak in children’s room.
“It’s all in your head” I told him once more, after that I got off the bed and allowed him to sleep at my room. The rest of the day passed away with nothing particularly strange or abnormal to report. Actually that whole week was the same, he arrived to my room saying he was scared etc…
Until one day he convinced me to stay with him that night in his room. It was a Saturday, so, I had no problem at all.
I remember I had a beautiful dream about my new baby kid, by that time my wife was pregnant. Suddenly I felt something weird and woke up.
I couldn’t believe it! There she was staring at us. I started yelling my wife’s name, 5 minutes later she was there as surprise as I was. Then I realized I wasn’t afraid… she wasn’t there to scare us. While I was thinking about this I heard a clamorous noisy coming from inside the house.
My roof’s room had just teared down destroying everything… The day before we checked and found out that one of the colums had had a fissure which had been getting bigger. It was the strangest experience of my life.

martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

My favorite song

Music is one of the most important parts of my life. Actually, you can say that I can't live without my ipod or any kind of music player... it's true!
That's why i don't have a favorite song, I mean, I do like some songs more than others and I could mention at least ten that are my favorites... but not just one.

Most of time I have a favorite song according to my mood (of the day or week), or because I just liked the song!
The one that I have chosen for this post is Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini Var.18 by Rachmaninov. For those who doesn't know me that much you need to know that I really enjoy classic music.

This theme is really special because for me not only represents the bright side of life, also those though moments but at the end it always leaves me a great feeling.
Please enjoy it...

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Football tackles a big problem

I've never been a sports woman. I like sports, but I just don't practice any of them. People always ask me why and I have a lot of reasons; I'm lazy , I don't want to get tired... etc. But the main reason is because I don't want to get hurt.

Every sport comes with a risk and it's your decision if you are going to take it or not. I have always believed that health is going to be over everything else, not only because it will hurt at the moment, but also because it might affect on the future.

I mean you can have money, you can be famous but it doesn't worth it if you can't even get on your feet by your own or eat without any help. Well, that's my opinion...